High Performance Lining Systems

OEM are high performance lining systems for protection, reinforcement & finish of surface technologies in emergency vehicles, public transport & military, private & leisure vehicles or commercial & construction vehicles. VIP Coatings is a manufacturer and solution provider of highly reactive, 2-part elastomeric coating systems usable for wide range of industrial applications and their requirements. Sprayed, cast or injected onto virtually any type of substrate or material combination, the cured membrane extends your product lifecycle.

VIP technology performs convincingly as an integrated part of a product setup, as final layer or as an additional supporting solution in production processes. VIP`s protective membranes maintain their physical integrity even under extreme temperature fluctuations, repeated flexing and impact. They have excellent impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance and provide sound deadening and vibration absorption further reducing equipment fatigue, regardless of penetrations or shape.

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Fast installation & curing
VIP`s instant curing protective membranes are an ideal solution for reducing extremely your coating or injection times within manual applications, semi-automatic assemblies or fully automated production lines which allow a high processing frequency.
OEM Spray
Private & leisure vehicles
VIP offers universal coating solutions to protect your vehicles exterior and interior. From underbody protection, through rehabilitation and waterproofing of the cabins to the final roofing layers against hail impact. VIP coating systems withstand significant damage and consider also asthetic and optical requirements like colour-fastness for interior vehicle dashboards or accessories. New application technologies fulfill the OEM requirements concerning controlled and reliable coating processes.
OEM Emergency vehicles
Emergency vehicles, public transport & military
These vehicles have to withstand most diverse road conditions with high loadings, endure heavy stress in daily use at a high level of a yearly kilometrage. At the same time a safe passenger transportation has top priority. State government fleet managements are optimizing cost-effective solutions to extend vehicle life circles and save on maintenance, repair cost and downtime. VIP offers special spray-on coating technologies to fulfill several protection requirements.
Commercial & construction vehicles
Commercial & construction vehicles are used under difficult, tough on-road and off-road conditions, in an environment of the highest levels of corrosion, impact and abrasion. VIP's high-reactive protective coatings offer outstanding shielding characteristics, usable from standard bed liners to vehicle surfaces with heavy stress. A liner set-up for almost any substrate or material combination is processible. Protect your assets and reduce your downtime intervals to get a higher output-performance.


OEM Lining system



Protection from Abrasion / Corrosion / Impact

Aggregates / Flakes

Top Coat & Flooring

OEM Lining Systems

Extremely fast tack-free & curing times
Protection against abrasion, corrosion, chemical attack & impact
Excellent adhesion to most substrates and material combinations
Seamless, no tempering, no welding or gluing
VOC, solvent free, H-351, no IPDI, no Styrenes, low odour
TopCoats are UV- and colour stable
OEM lining system for protection, reinforcement & finish of surface technologies of transport & cargo.



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