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YSI Automotive India Pvt Ltd required protection of corrugated metal sheet-roof from corrosion as well as to provide water proofing of the area. Applied Coating System Surface Preparation followed by application of PU foam of 15mm thickness, followed by application of QuickSeal MP500 (Hybrid polyurea) of 1mm thickness followed by PU top coat Bergerthane PU Glossy Finish Light Grey of 40 Microns.
Application was performed with Gushmer GH-2 Plural Component Graco Foam Spray Machine, 1:1 heated, high pressure, plural component equipment. Pressure of time for fast completion and cost advantages favored QuickSeal MP500, 2-component hybrid system derived from a reaction of an MDI Prepolymer and a polyol amine mixture resin blend.

Process took place in the following steps:

  • Roof surface was cleaned and well prepared to be free from any residues of contamination that can affect the performance / bonding of the subsequent coating.
  • Application of Foam 15mm was carried over the roof surface, followed by application of QuickSeal MP500 was carried out.
  • QuickSeal MP500 was applied with heated, high pressure spray equipment. Completion of polyurea application, the surface was top coated with PU to resist UV, finishing the roof coating system.
Reference profile

Reference profile



2500 m²

YSI Automotive India Pvt Ltd

Sungshin Construction Pvt Ltd.

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VIPSHIELD is a roof sealing and insulating coating system for commercial roofs. It eliminates the need for thick concrete screeds and can be applied directly to the construction concrete or directly to steel roofing structures improving installation times and reducing costs.

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