Waterproof Roof Chang Ming Yam

The owner required a durable protective waterproofing system that can withstand the routine usage and color retaining finish, for the particular building since 1940’s. In addition, the system must be fast cure to facilitate use of the roof within the shortest time. As such, the fast track QuickSpray Industrial and QuickFloor 500 was chosen for its unique properties for protection, as well as the QuickFloor 500 UV stable and colour-fast properties.

The re-roofing was done as following:
1. Remove existing coatings
2. Surface preparation
3. Apply QuickPrime 2K Epoxy SF21
4. Apply QuickSpray Industrial
5. Apply QuickFloor 500 with light color for the roof

Reference profile

Reference profile

Waterproofing of the roof

Hong Kong

Hong Kong


400 m²

Building Owner

V-PRO Construction Material Ltd.

pictures from the project

VIP systems in this project


VIPSHIELD is a roof sealing and insulating coating system for commercial roofs. It eliminates the need for thick concrete screeds and can be applied directly to the construction concrete or directly to steel roofing structures improving installation times and reducing costs.

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