VW Amarok Pick-Up

VW Amarok pickup truck coating

The Volkswagen Dealer Pleitner desired an optically pleasing, yet hard wearing pick up liner for a VW Amarok demonstration car. VW Nutzfahrzeuge wanted to check the functionality of the 600ml cartridge system for use in pick up liner overhaul at the dealers. The Quick Spray Xpress SL (aromatic) was chosen for its functionality as it is a 100% pure Polyurea 2-K coating based on Prepolymer and Polyamine technology in the handy 600ml cartridge.

Work was carried out in 4 easy steps:

  1. The cargobox was masked utilising the special wire trim tape to achieve a perfect edge for the coating.
  2. The QuickPrime 1K PU universal was applied in a thin layer over the whole cargo box area.
  3. After 30 minutes the QuickSpray Xpress SL (aromatic) in 3mm thickness was applied using the 600ml cartridge gun, followed by the overspray technique.
  4. Thanks to the wire tape the masking foil could be easily removed within just a few minutes.

All these working Steps could be completed in a very short space of time leaving a durable cargo box and thanks to the overspray technique an optically pleasing and still durable surface.

Reference profile

Reference profile



4m² per cargo box

VW Dealer Pleitner, Versmold

VW Nutzfahrzeuge, Hannover

Lackiertechnik Schmidt, Versmold

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