Standard Bank South Africa Roof Waterproofing

A 14.000 sqm project at numerous Standard Bank offices around South Africa.

Partnering with our South African Applicator , BDP Management consultants and Standard Bank South Africa , we realized this 14.000 sqm project at numerous Standard Bank offices around South Africa.

After years of contractors just repairing or applying directly over the old Waterproof system, BDP decided to rip all systems back to original substrate.

From here VIP supplied our roofing system , MP 500 silver reflect.

In the past back in 2018 , the same product was used by BDP at another Standard Bank building and until today it looks as if it was applied a week ago.

Not only because of the aesthetics of the product, but also because of the durability Standard Bank approached BDP once again this year to complete the task of 14.000 sqm.

BDP , in conjunction with VIP completed this project ahead of time and to the customers satisfaction.

Reference profile

Reference profile

Roof Waterproofing of Standard Bank Buildings

Durban and Joahnnesburg

South Africa


14.000 m²

Standard Bank South Africa



pictures from the project

VIP systems in this project


VIPSHIELD is a roof sealing and insulating coating system for commercial roofs. It eliminates the need for thick concrete screeds and can be applied directly to the construction concrete or directly to steel roofing structures improving installation times and reducing costs.

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