Security Vans

Coating of security vans for VW

For the coating used on buses transformed into dental office and women’s police station, we used the technology of pure polyurea QuickSeal PP350 and later polyurea polyaspartic QuickFloor 500. For a complete impermeability, hygiene and comfort for patients, the layer considered in the application and specified by the customer is 2mm thick, with enough roughness of the coating to ensure safe movement of people inside the bus.

These vehicles have the capacity to service multiple clients at the same time, the use of technology of the polyurea QuickSeal PP350 and QuickFloor 500, besides giving greater durability to the vehicle and substrate, it also provides a great easiness to the necessary and proper cleaning of the place.

Reference profile

Reference profile

Coating of security vans for VW

São Paulo


15m² per van


Marema Química

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