Refrigerating Transport Vehicles

Loading area coating of refrigerating transport vehicles

The customer needed a visually appealing and resilient loading area coating for his refrigerating transport vehicles. A flexible, machine-processable and fast-coating-system should be used as surface protection in gray. For these reasons, QuickSpray Industrial (aromatic), a 100% polyurea 2-component coating material based on polyurea, was chosen.

The processing was carried out in 4 steps:
1. The truck bed has been taped using wire tape for a visually perfect clean edge
2. The QuickPrime 1K-PU universal was applied in a thin layer to the loading area
3. After 30 minutes, QuickSpray Industrial was applied
4. Overcoating with QuickCoat – Base Protect WE (white)

Reference profile

Reference profile

Loading area coating of refrigerating transport vehicles


Fachbetrieb für Lack und Karosserie

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