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Hoppers – reduction of noise and vibration problems

Abrasion and metal fatigue were constant maintenance issues for this trucking company. Constructed from aluminium the trailers were light weight but suffered fatigue cracking easily with the constant impact from loading and from impact forces during travelling.

Transporting sand and gravel products the trailers were subject to constant abrasion and traditional wear plates welded into the floor of the trailer were lasting between 9 and 12 months. Similar applications have provided abrasion protection 3 – 5 times longer than traditional sacrificial wear plates.

VIP proposed an impact and abrasion solution that resulted in the removal of the existing wear plates and provided a superior abrasion resistant solution.

In addition the VIP QuickSpray Industrial lining is able to absorb the impact forces endured during loading and unloading of product. The flexibility of the VIP lining also absorbs vibration reducing fatigue cracking.

An added side benefit of installing the VIP lining has been a reduction in noise when loading and unloading in built up residential areas.

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