Innovation Hub Gabarone

The Innovation Hub will be an iconic symbol of Botswana’s support for research and development, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship and acting as a nexus for knowledge creation and innovation. The roof design of the Botswana Innovation Hub incorporates large overhangs to passively shade the building’s interior, mechanisms to collect and re-use water, and both passive and active photovoltaic systems to harness solar energy.
VIP Partner ABE – South Africa have been involved in the project from the initial development stage all the way through to implementation, providing system solutions to meet the high requirements of the project.
The roof gardens will be coated with a layer of Vip´s QuickSeal PP350 high performance flexible lining, followed by an insulation layer of PU foam and the drainage board. Finally the area is covered with a thick layer of soil ready to accept the green roof plantings.

The application process will tool place in following steps:
1. Substrate preperation
2. Priming with VIP Primer
3. Application of QuickSeal PP350 using hot spray equipment
4. Application of 110 PU foam
5. Covering of the substrates with thick soil layer

Reference profile

Reference profile

Innovation Hub




24000 m²


A.B.E's Approved Applicators

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VIP systems in this project


VIPSHIELD is a roof sealing and insulating coating system for commercial roofs. It eliminates the need for thick concrete screeds and can be applied directly to the construction concrete or directly to steel roofing structures improving installation times and reducing costs.

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