Hilton Hotel Bogota

The Hilton is one of the best hotels in the Colombian metropolis of Bogota – serious damage and long downtimes threatened due to leaks in the roof seals

The Hilton Hotel Bogota opened 5 years ago in the booming Colombian capital of Bogota. Unfortunately, the hotel had serious problems with leaks from the waterproofing originally applied to the roofs. Therefore, the VIP partner Polyurea Colombia was commissioned to develop a quick and permanent solution. The application had to be carried out in just 15 days during the rainy season, while other trades were carried out on the roof at the same time. Despite all these challenges, Polyurea Colombia was able to carry out the project in record time to the complete satisfaction of everyone involved. This was mainly due to the many years of experience in the field of spray sealing and the use of VIP polyurea sealing membranes, the rapid curing of which made a significant contribution to the success of the project.

Reference profile

Reference profile

Waterproofing of the roofs



2000 m²

Hilton Hotels


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VIPSHIELD is a roof sealing and insulating coating system for commercial roofs. It eliminates the need for thick concrete screeds and can be applied directly to the construction concrete or directly to steel roofing structures improving installation times and reducing costs.

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