Fender Boats

A fender is a protective body intended to prevent damage to the outer skin of a ship during port maneuvers and when lying against the quay wall or in a pack (ship to ship).

The fender is positioned between the ship and the quay wall or jetty, or between two ships, in such a way that it serves as a shock absorber on the one hand and as a spacer on the other, so that the ship’s hull does not chafe.

We coat fenders to significantly extend their life.

Benefits with VIP:

  • Effective in protecting foam, steel, aluminium and fiberglass above and in water
  • Sound attenuation for engine compartments
  • Non-skid application on decks
  • Gel coat replacements to reduce styrene emmisions
  • Coating of Ballast Tanks
Reference profile

Reference profile

Coating of various Fender substrates




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