Winery Floor Coating

QuickFloor 500 as a new floor system for a winery

The owner of the winery Weingut Waldschütz GmbH needed a new floor system for the wine storage area that offers an easy-care surface but withstands daily cleaning with aggressive cleaning agents and is also approved for use in the food industry. The QuickFloor 500 system was selected after consultation with the local VIP partner Berlinger surface protection. The QuickFloor 500 system is stain resistant, non-porous, hygienic, seamless and easy to clean combined with a very fast curing and reuse time. In addition, it is characterized by high abrasion resistance, excellent gloss retention and yellowing properties. After final customer approval, the applications team was able to deploy the VIP system solution within the required timeframe.

Reference profile

Reference profile

Floor coating in winery

Elsarn im Straßertale



Weingut Waldschütz


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