Sewage System Tehran

Tehran is a booming metropolis with almost 20 million inhabitants – a functioning wastewater disposal system is more than important

Sewage networks are exposed to heavy loads from abrasion and chemicals. The Water Authority Tehran is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the sewage system in the Iranian capital. As the concrete substrate was severely degraded in some segments of the sewage tunnel, VIP Coatings was commissioned by the Water Authority to carry out the rehabilitation and recoating.


The project was carried out in 4 steps:

  1. Cleaning and pre-treatment of the concrete
  2. Introduction of a moisture barrier due to the very high moisture content in the concrete
  3. Primer
  4. Application of Polyurea QuickSpray Industrial using the hot spray method
Reference profile

Reference profile

Refurbishment and coating of a sewer




90000 m²

Water Authority Teheran & Zharf Kar

Mahab Ghodss

Anticor Limited

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