Salt water fishtanks

System solution for the lining of salt walter concrete tanks

VIP Partner Orokia was contacted by the Fishfarm in Tlalim to provide a system solution for the lining of concrete tanks that will contain salt water for fish production. The purpose of the lining system is to protect the concrete from the corrosive water (CRC) and ensure the waterproofing of the concrete ponds. After confirmation by the client Orokia and the VIP technical team supervised the project during all preperation and applications steps.

The applications took place in following steps: 1. Surface Preperation (Cleaing of the substrate) 2. Application of Foam layer with minimal thickness of 2.5 mm 3. High Pressure application of Quick Spray Industrial W (Potable Water Approval) with a minimal thickness of 1.5 mm The project was finished within the short timeframe and the customers was completely satisfied with the results.

Reference profile

Reference profile

System solution for the lining of salt walter concrete tanks





Fishfarm Ramat Negev


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