Prefabricated Housing Units

Prefabricated dwellings are mobile and cost effective, but waterproofing requires a very strong membrane

These prefabricated dwellings required wet area waterproofing that would also withstand the bending and mechanical stresses encountered during construction, transport and installation. The certification system should also be able to be applied quickly and harden very quickly in order to be able to meet the production times required by the customer. The VIP recommended QuickSeal MP 250 system is a spray coated, seamless and flexible membrane. MP 250 contains no solvents and no volatile organic compounds, making it environmentally friendly. It is a tough, durable flexible membrane. When applied with high-pressure machines, there is also very little spray loss. The immediate curing has the advantage that the workers can walk on the finished membrane within a few minutes and all subsequent work can be carried out promptly. The flexible QuickSeal Polyurea MP 250 spray membrane is ideal for tight area applications, as was the case on this project.

Reference profile

Reference profile


Saadiyat Island


20000 m²

Code Contracting

Surbana Intl. Consultants

Ayadam LLC, Dubai

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