Beach Coating Rectification Works

Implementing an aesthetically pleasing coating for an artificial beach

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City stands as an expansive hub for a multitude of real estate projects meticulously developed by Meydan, extending across an impressive expanse of approximately 47 million square feet in the vibrant heart of Dubai. Within this grand urban landscape lies District Eleven, a community designed with diversity and family orientation in mind. This district boasts an array of residential offerings, including villas, mixed-use developments, accommodations for Emirates Airline, Meydan Villas, and The Kent College of Canterbury.

The VIP Coatings team was extended an invitation to contribute its expertise in proposing and implementing an aesthetically pleasing coating for an artificial beach within this dynamic environment. Undertaking a comprehensive inspection, our team formulated and applied an innovative solution, transforming the artificial beach into a visually stunning recreation that seamlessly mirrors the allure of a natural beach.

Reference profile

Reference profile

Beach Coating Rectification Works




3046 m²


Bint OAK

VIP Coatings Application Team

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VIP Leisureline systems are spray applied and seamless, instant curing solutions for containment and long term substrate protection of valuable water park assets. LEISURELINE brings together the proven physical and application advantages of VIP’s spray applied, instant curing flexible industrial lining systems with the aesthetic requirements of decorative pool and lagoon features.

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