Moby Dick Movie

Stage pool for the Warner Brothers film Moby Dick

The Warner Brothers Studios outside London were preparing the sets for the latest Ron Howard film ‘Moby Dick’, constructing a large stage pool made from shipping containers and geotextile to be given a waterproof, highly abrasion resistant coating. VIP recommended the usage of Quickspray Industrial to their approved processor, PPC of Keighley. The geotextile was attached to the containers and all joints between the containers were welded and then sealed with VIP’s Quickfill NS. All areas were then cleaned, then primed with Quickprime 2K Epoxy SF for better adhesion and then coated using a Gaco Reactor HX-P2 hot spray machine. A continuous layer thickness of at least 3 mm was easily achieved and after only 12 hours the newly created stage basin was filled with water to shoot the film’s water scenes in the studio. Because there is no connection to the ground, the entire pool can be easily dismantled after the final scene is completed.

Reference profile

Reference profile

Stage pool for the Warner Brothers film Moby Dick



4500 m²

Warner Brothers, Watford

ICG, London

Polyurea Protective Coating Keighley

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