Mina Seyahi Waterpark

Le Meridien Mina Seyahi is a 5 star hotel located next to The Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai.
The client has numerous pools for its guests and wanted to improve this offering with a waterpark. The coating system had to have excellent uv resistant properties and provide a long term maintenance free waterproofi ng and protective coating. Time was also an important factor as the park had to be opened in a
very short timeframe. LeisureLine Standard was approved as it met all of the clients requirements.

Application steps:

  1. Surface repair & preparation
  2. Priming using Quickprime SF ME
  3. 2mm QuickSeal PP350 – hot spray applied polyurea
  4. Aesthetic QuickFloor 400 Polyaspartic topcoat
Reference profile

Reference profile

Mina Seyahi Waterpark




500 m²

Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Water Park


pictures from the project

VIP systems in this project


VIP Leisureline systems are spray applied and seamless, instant curing solutions for containment and long term substrate protection of valuable water park assets. LEISURELINE brings together the proven physical and application advantages of VIP’s spray applied, instant curing flexible industrial lining systems with the aesthetic requirements of decorative pool and lagoon features.

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