Lining of 3 pools for British School in Muscat

Lining of 3 pools for British School in Muscat

The British School of Muscat required three pools for it students; including the first Olympic size pool in Muscat schools. Time was of the essence as Khimji paints had 20 days to finish the entire application for the school to reopen for 2017 calendar. VIP recommended the use of Quick Fill Express to carry out the large open cracks in various parts of the floor which was a perfect solution. The entire crack repair procedure took no more than FIVE minutes. Finally, Quick Fill NS cartridges were used as an underwater sealant on all MEP fixtures in the pool.

Application steps:

  1. Surface repair & preperation
  2. Priming
  3. Application of 2mm QuickSeal PP350 – hot spray applied
  4. Aesthetic PU Top Coat was applied
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Reference profile




British School Muscat

Khimji Paints

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VIP Leisureline systems are spray applied and seamless, instant curing solutions for containment and long term substrate protection of valuable water park assets. LEISURELINE brings together the proven physical and application advantages of VIP’s spray applied, instant curing flexible industrial lining systems with the aesthetic requirements of decorative pool and lagoon features.

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