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Marine Harvest produces Atlantic salmon, halibut and white fish. The company has an integrated value chain, with the
company making its own broodstock in freshwater, followed by growth and maturing in seawater, harvesting, manufacturing
in processing plants and distribution. Production is concentrated in Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the Faroe Islands and
in Chile, with sales globally.

Following initial application problems Marine Harvest, the owner of the new Inchmore Hatchery in Scotland, engaged VIP
Technical Services to take over the installation of 5000 m² + of “QuickSpray Industrial W” – VIP`s Potable water approved
protective lining system.

With the engagement of VIP Technical Services, stage 1 of the project was completed without further problems or delays.

Reference profile

Reference profile



5.000 m²

Marine Harvest

VIP approved applicator

pictures from the project

VIP systems in this project


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