District Cooling Plant

Higher cooling efficiency, lower cost of operations and lower CO2 emissions

District cooling tanks are being widely constructed in the recent years due to its clear benefits to the environment. It clearly offers higher cooling efficiency, lower cost of operations and most importantly, lower impact to the environment due to its lower CO2 emissions. Steel tanks such as these are design with a certain lifespan and are subject to regular maintenance schedule. During the recently refurbishment of the tanks at Megajana, the VIP Liquidshield system was chosen over other conventional coating system due to it fast turn-around time. The VIP Liquidshield containment system offers a seamless coating system which will be able to handle the constant water temperature that is just above freezing point.

Reference profile

Reference profile

Thermal Energy Storage Tanks, Chilled Water Tanks, District Cooling Plan

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LIQUISHIELD is designed to meet the growing demand from consulting engineers for complete system solutions as opposed to products the LIQUISHIELD systems make it easy for consulting engineers to specify a complete liquid containment solution from one manufacturer. The LIQUISHIELD range covers primary and secondary containment of chemical liquids, abrasive slurries as well as drinking water.

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