Distribution Basin Borouge Abu Dhabi

In the course of the expansion of the Borouge production facilities in Ruwais, 250km west of Abu Dhabi, the rehabilitation of a distribution basin was also determined

The outdated pool tub showed significant impermeability deficiencies. Loss of water and penetrating salt water caused extreme corrosion damage to cable ducts, the building fabric and the adjacent infrastructure. In order to eliminate this problem, a quick renovation system was sought that, in addition to permanently eliminating the defects in the property, should also keep the cost-intensive downtimes of the plant as low as possible.

VIP GmbH was involved in the project at an early stage in order to identify a solution that would ensure the permanent restoration of the pool’s functionality. With the VIP polyurea technology, not only the requirements for speed were met, but also the highest demands for impermeability, abrasion resistance, resistance to aggressive media as well as UV and temperature resistance.

Processing teams trained by VIP sandblasted the substrate in shifts in accordance with VIP specifications, pre-treated it accordingly and then primed it. Then QuickSpray Industrial (100% polyurea) was applied using high pressure or hot spraying. The coating was carried out with a total of three GRACO XP2 systems. The total area of ​​11,000 m² was successfully coated in just 12 days.

Reference profile

Reference profile

Sealing of distribution tanks

Abu Dhabi



11000 m²

Borouge Abu Dhabi

Tebodin Middle East Ltd.

Petro Projects Group Est Abu Dhabi, UAE

pictures from the project

VIP systems in this project


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