Container pools

Container pools – second life for old ship containers as green sustainiblity

For anyone who is fed up with installing a liner pool every year, dealing with planning permission and the high cost of traditional concrete pools, Poolbox offers a quick and permanent solution with shipping containers converted into pools. All the installations are already built in, all you have to do is connect the water and electricity before the swimming fun can begin. The pools are not only suitable for private individuals, but can also be used for commercial purposes, such as “Glamping”. The pools are available in lengths of 6 or 12 meters.

VIP Coatings ensures that the pools are waterproofed with the appropriate polyurea and polyaspartic coatings, making them watertight and durable. The coatings are available in a wide range of colors.

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Reference profile




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VIP Leisureline systems are spray applied and seamless, instant curing solutions for containment and long term substrate protection of valuable water park assets. LEISURELINE brings together the proven physical and application advantages of VIP’s spray applied, instant curing flexible industrial lining systems with the aesthetic requirements of decorative pool and lagoon features.

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