Collecting Pans for Chemicals

The Company Ashland Chemicals was searching for a new system to seal and coat existing bunded areas to prevent contamination of the earth in case of a chemical spillage under the chemical storage tanks. Together with TEKE as preferred applicator and VIP as formulator they devised a time saving solution based on Quickspray Polyurea as a long term solution. To save time and money the QuickSpray Industrial (aromatic) was chosen, a 100% Polyurea 2-K Surface Coating based on Polyamine technology.

Application took place in 4 steps:

  1. The Bunded Areas were sponge blasted to a grad of SA 2 1/2 to both clean and abrade the
    existing surface.
  2. The damage in the concrete was repaired using the QuickFill SL system, which was also
    used for filling any joints.
  3. The concrete was than primed with TEKE’s own 2K Epoxy system to achieve a full dampness
  4. Then aromatic Polyurea QuickSpray in grey was applied using a Graco Reactor HXP-2 hot
    spray machine.

This process could be completed in a very short space of time. Through using the Polyurea System the application could be completed in the very short time, not disrupting the loading of the tanks and the manufacturing processes in the plant.

Reference profile

Reference profile

Coating of collecting pans for chemicals




400 m²

Ashland Chemicals, Porvoo

TEKE OY, Valkeala

pictures from the project

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