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Applying protective polyurea coatings to the air zone surface of a concrete biogas tank

Most concrete sewerage tanks contain a lot of gasses. Among of the most common gasses in the environment are hydrogen sulfides, methanes and carbon dioxides. When these gasses condensate on the surface of the concrete, combined with external elements, it will create unfavourable conditions for concrete. If protected and lined properly, you can easily extend the lifespan of the concrete tanks signifi cantly.

Kongsberg Technology (S) Pte Ltd, as approved VIP Coatings applicator, was approach by Anaergia, a leading clean energy producer from waste stream. The owners had some issues on their biogas tanks which are deteriorating prematurely. After a thorough investigation of the tank, the Liquidshield containment system was proposed, consisting of a QuickPrime Epoxy SF SEA (Solvent Free Epoxy) and a 2mm QuickSpray Industrial.

Reference profile

Reference profile

Coating of a biogas tank

Lim Chu Kang



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