Car Park Deck Sealing

Waterproofing of a car park deck

The sealing of a parking deck is a particular challenge due to the high traffic load that affects the sealing membrane after installation. As a rule, car parks are used on a daily basis and so service life is a critical factor when selecting a suitable system for sealing and protecting the concrete substrate. VIP’s QuickDeck car park decking system not only meets the above criteria, but also features a non-slip surface that can withstand heavy traffic loads, snow and ice.

The QuickDeck system, including the non-slip surface, is installed in a single operation, making the total installation time very short. The customer chose the VIP QuickDeck system for its rapid processing, excellent crack bridging, excellent strength and anti-slip properties. The seamlessly sprayed system can be supplemented with line markings to indicate parking spaces, pedestrian walkways and other safety features.

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Reference profile

Sealing of a car park deck



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