Augsburg Pools

The city of Augsburg required a flexible, machine-processable, chlorine-water and weather-resistant coating system for sealing and surface protection for a new outdoor pool

For reasons of time and money, the decision was made to use QuickSpray Supreme W (aromatic with drinking water approval), a 100% polyurea 2-component coating material based on polyurea.

The processing was carried out in 4 steps:

  1. The new concrete was roughly plastered to close blowholes and capillaries
  2. The surface was sealed pore-tight and impermeable to water vapor using a primer and the adhesion properties have been improved
  3. The aromatic polyurea QuickSpray was applied using hot spraying
  4. After 24 hours, the QuickCoat-Base Protect (aliphatic) for color stability was also applied by hot spraying


These work steps could be successfully completed in a very short time, regardless of the adverse weather conditions. With the savings from using our polyurea system, the acquisition costs of the high-pressure spraying system were amortized with just this one project.

Reference profile

Reference profile

Coating of outdoor pools




1500 m²

Augsburg Municipality, Germany

pictures from the project

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VIP Leisureline systems are spray applied and seamless, instant curing solutions for containment and long term substrate protection of valuable water park assets. LEISURELINE brings together the proven physical and application advantages of VIP’s spray applied, instant curing flexible industrial lining systems with the aesthetic requirements of decorative pool and lagoon features.

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