Adderley and Strand Streets

Cape Town City Council approached VIP partner A.B.E in search of a robust waterproofing solution to prevent continued water seepage into the buildings at the junction of Adderley and Strand roads

The work was successfully completed in a very short time and carried out in 5 steps:

  1. Removal of asphalt pavement
  2. Substrate preparation (repair of damage, cracks and bumps)
  3. Diamond cut substrates to produce a profile of 60-80 microns
  4. Primer with solvent-free 2K primer
  5. Application of aromatic Polyurea QuickSpray with a minimum thickness of 3 mm
Reference profile

Reference profile

Waterproofing of the streets

Cape Town

South Africa


12000 m²

City of Capetown

City Municipiality Engineers


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