VIP's Quickspray Industrial W

VIP's Quickspray Industrial W

QuickSpray Industrial W has already been approved for contact with potable water since 2011 and WRAS confirms again: suitable for contact with potable water

Certified Competence – for many years!

WRAS once again confirms: VIP’s QuickSpray Industrial W is suitable for contact with potable water.

QuickSpray Industrial W has the approval for potable water since 2011 and has since then proven its worth worldwide in applications such as rainwater storage tanks, desalination plants, potable water reservoirs and many more.

This is also confirmed by the WRAS institute with the recently renewed approval for another 5 years.

By the way: QuickSpray Industrial W has numerous potable water approvals for many countries worldwide.

Product data

Product name: QuickSpray Industrial W
Category: Coating
Manufacturer: VIP Coatings
Product ID: QSP50150
Product description: QuickSpray Industrial W is a fast curing, sprayable, seamless and flexible elastomeric coating system or protective membrane.
24. March 2022

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