VIP Coorperations in Saudi Arabia

VIP Coorperations in Saudi Arabia

VIP proudly announces partnership with Arkaz for local supply of high-performance Coating Systems in Saudi Arabia.

Arkaz has been operating for more than 10 years in the GCC and has been developed into a leading player in the construction chemicals industry in the gulf region. Our ideas were mutually combined to come up with the best plans and solutions to supply high quality turn-key lining and water proofing solutions.
With a well-organized company structure and up-to-date business strategies, VIP found in Arkaz the perfect partner to go hand in hand for supplying major projects in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia and maybe in the near future blending VIPโ€™s products locally to increase the local content and offer faster supply ETAโ€™s for our happy customers.

19. July 2022

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VIP Coatings is thrilled to announce a major milestone.
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