Sustainable Solutions for Aesthetic Waterproofing in Hot and Humid Climates.

Sustainable Solutions for Aesthetic Waterproofing in Hot and Humid Climates.

Polyurea has conquered the top of the list.

It’s not a secret that Polyurea has conquered the top of the list when looking for sustainable, long lasting waterproofing and lining solutions. Polyurea coatings had proven themselves with a long track record of successful applications in all domains because of their high strength, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, weathering resistance, and much more.

Though it had been established that polyurea coatings are not the same, many people may still classify polyurea coatings as Pure or Hybrid thinking mistakenly that there are only two types of polyurea coatings while even in categorizing them as Pures and Hybrids, there are many formulas and qualities and special properties in each.

With the development of polyurea machines these past 15 years, polyurea technology is being introduced more and more in Construction and non-construction related applications such as roofing, foundation and wet areas water proofing, Industrial and vehicular decks and pavements, tanks and water related projects, and even in military and other OEM Sectors.

With the significant booming in the entertainment, amusement, and leisure sector in projects recently, developers are always seeking for sustainable solutions that offers long life expectancy waterproofing that guarantees minimum maintenance shut downs as well as aesthetics and safety for their guests.

Aromatic polyurea coatings can have some UV stabilizers in their formula to resist the effect of UV on their physical properties but can’t do anything about the color that may yellow when applied under direct UV exposure, hence, many use an aliphatic color stable topcoat for aesthetics purposes. This method proved itself as effective when talking about walls or roofing, but not when you are lining an aqua park or a lagoon where the topcoat may peel off in time forcing you to remove all the water for top coat touchups. This means shutting down your facility, and risking loosing your customers to your competitors.

Aliphatic polyurea coatings on the other hand doesn’t need any top coat as they are both UV resistant and color stable. Our QUICKSPRAY SUPREME AL is also FDA approved makes it safe on all levels. So its not only the water proofing benefits that you get when u sing this product as your lining solution in your aqua park, wave pool or artificial lagoon, but also aesthetics. Finishing on the other hand can vary from smooth to textured, and even anti slip sand finish for inclined surfaces like wave pools and lagoons’ beaches.

Many international entertainment and amusement associations like IAAPA and MENALAC focus a lot of their studies and conferences on the safety of guests and how you can design your facilities as a safe environment for guests, especially that most of these guests are families with children whom you can’t control where to run and where to take caution, so it lies in our interest to design lining solutions that may protect the Facility from water, please the eye of the beholder as well as minimizing risks to these who came for a family entertainment getaway.


7. March 2024

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