Polyurea QuickSpray Xpress

Polyurea QuickSpray Xpress

Perform repairs and maintenance of surfaces effortlessly using the Polyurea QuickSpray Xpress cartridge system in a cold spray process!

The polyurea cartridge material (available in 1500ml containers) is a specially adapted system for carrying out repairs and maintenance of surfaces as well as small-scale applications (< 20m²) effortlessly using the cold spray method. Only a compressed air gun (recommended VIP QuickSpray Xpress Gun) with a capacity of approx. 6-8 bar and a compressor with a compressed air generator and an air volume delivery of approx. 240 l/min. must be provided here as processing equipment for the application of the polyurea cartridge systems. After application, the material forms a highly elastic and very wear-resistant surface.

The polyurea cartridges are available in 2 formulations: QuickSpray Xpress Standard with hardness [Shore D] 45 ± 5 and a softer variant, the QuickSpray Xpress Soft System.

Advantages of the system:

  • fast mobile unit, compressed air, can be used immediately, no equipment set-up, no electricity required
  • extremely fast curing, elastic coating and lining without seams or joints
  • without use of catalysts
  • 100% solids, no solvents, VOC-free, odorless
  • resistant to a wide range of chemicals, solvents, acids and alkalis
  • protection against corrosion, liquids, salt water, weathering and UV radiation
  • high impact and abrasion resistance, crack-bridging, remains flexible
  • thermally stable, temperature flexible, tolerates high heat radiation
  • very good tensile and shear strength, high elongation at break
  • excellent adhesion to concrete, steel, aluminum, plastics, GRP, wood, foams, etc.
  • only shortest downtimes in production and operation due to fast processing and reaction times

Fields of application at a glance:

  • Repairs of existing coatings
  • small surface areas up to 20m²
  • loading areas (inside and outside)
  • loading ramps, lifting platforms
  • truck platforms
  • Tank coating, containers
  • Model and mold making
  • Wear part protection
  • Vibrating grates
  • Underbody protection (anti-splash and -impact)
  • Edge restoration, edge protection

Product data

Product type: System
Product name: QuickSpray Xpress
Category: 2K Polyurea Cartridge system
Manufacturer: VIP Coatings
Product ID: QSP10145-Standard / QSP10155-Soft
Product description: 2K Polyurea Cartridge system 1500ml
24. March 2022

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