In the footsteps of the Aztecs

In the footsteps of the Aztecs

VIP’s Mexican partner was commissioned to coat the large step ramp.

Teopanzolco was originally founded by the Tlahuicas, they were defeated by the Aztecs in 1427 AD and had to pay tribute. The Teopanzolco Cultural Center blends harmoniously with the historic architecture of the temple grounds. The new Teopanzolco Cultural Center is an architectural masterpiece and is located across from the Teopanzolco Archaeological Zone in Mexico. VIP’s Mexican partner was contracted to coat the large step ramp.

The project involved the following processing steps:

  • 9,000 PSI sandblasting
  • Joints and cracks were filled with flexible polyurethane
  • Primed with epoxy primer
  • Hot spray application of VIP’s QuickSeal MP250, an elastic polyurea membrane
  • Application of quartz sand
  • Sealed with a transparent top coat

Project data

Project description: Coating of the step ramp
Client: Teopanzolco Cultural Center
Size: 4500 m²
City: Teopanzolco
Country: Mexico
Applicator: AEPSA
24. March 2022

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