Certified Competence – for many years!

Certified Competence – for many years!

Renewal of the test report for potable water up to 80°C – Al Hoty – LiquiShield – QuickSpray Industrial W

We have passed and re-newed the test report with 80°C Potable Water for VIP’s QuickSpray Industrial W. This was now confirmed by the Al Hoty institute, which is accredited and well known especially in the Middle East.

The certification of an operating temperature up to a maximum of 80°C can be considered remarkable. This means that there are hardly any limits to the range of applications.

QuickSpray Industrial W has numerous potable water approvals for many countries worldwide and it is part of our Fluid Containment System LiquiShield, which covers primary and secondary containment of chemical liquids and abrasive slurries through to potable water.

Learn more about QuickSpray Industrial W: here

Learn more about LiquiShield: here

Product data

Product name: QuickSpray Industrial W
Category: Coating
Manufacturer: VIP Coatings
Product ID: QSP50150
Product description: QuickSpray Industrial W is a fast curing, sprayable, seamless and flexible elastomeric coating system or protective membrane
21. September 2022

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