BeSafe with our LEISURELINE anti-slip & padded lining solutions.

BeSafe with our LEISURELINE anti-slip & padded lining solutions.

As an optimum option for waterproofing waterparks and protecting your guests from injuries, we are offering a special impact friendly fully bonded padded lining solution.

Amusement Parks are sure to be a family-oriented destination with the vast majority of visitors being families with kids. Though amusement Park owners design their parks with the utmost safety in mind and fill in the gaps with signs like “Do not Run”, or “watch step ahead!”, guests, especially kids come here to have fun, not to follow orders.

Aqua Parks and wet areas on the other hand, come with an additional challenge, the Skid hazard when combining water and inclined areas with smooth wetproofing and protective liners. Hence, we added some safety features to our portfolio of lining solutions. These features ensure the safety of your guests related to slipping, like e.g. in Wave- or Surf Pools and seating areas around swimming pools, which prevents severe injuries.

Inclined wet areas are most common in wave pools, surparks and other water park attractions, which attract a lot of children as well as adults due to the fun.

While having fun, people don’t waste a thought on high impact and heavy blow hazard which lurks within this attraction. That’s where the asset owner needs to step into action and provide the necessary safety.

VIP COATINGS is able to supply & apply the required anti-slip water proofing and protective liner within their BeSafe Concept. This concept ensures peace of mind for our clients since we as a supplier are responsible for the whole project management and the application, while providing a warranty on the whole service. Beyond protection, VIP Coatings prioritizes aesthetics, offering finishes that enhance the visual appeal of surfaces while maintaining durability and performance.

As an optimum option for waterproofing surfpools and protecting your guests from injuries we are offering a special impact friendly fully bonded padded lining solution. With this kind of advanced polymer coating you choose a long lasting, sustainable solution. We always have in mind that “time is money” and therefore our coatings convince by fast processing times as well as long life cycles.

We recently applied our high-performance Polyurea coating to ensure the safety and durability of the water attractions at Barnevandland, the vibrant children’s waterpark located in Fårup Sommerland, Denmark. Our specialized product, PP350 slow, was selected for its superior properties and can be applied directly onto the primed concrete surfaces. This initial layer provides an incredibly durable and waterproof base, essential for the high-traffic and water-rich environment of a children’s waterpark.
To further enhance safety, a layer of impact-absorbing foam was added on top of the PP350 slow coating. This foam layer is crucial in offering protection and comfort, ensuring that children can play and enjoy the waterpark without the risk of injury from hard surfaces.
As the final step in our comprehensive LEISURELINE Supreme coating system, QuickSpray Supreme AL Flex was applied.
This topcoat not only adds an extra layer of durability and waterproofing but also provides a flexible, soft surface. The flexibility of QuickSpray Supreme AL Flex ensures that it can withstand the dynamic movements and activities typical in a children’s waterpark, while its flex-properties enhance safety by reducing the risk of falls.
Through this multi-layered approach, combining PP350 slow, impact-absorbing foam, and QuickSpray Supreme AL Flex, Barnevandland now features a safe, durable, and enjoyable environment for children to explore and play.
Our LEISURELINE supreme coating system ensures long-lasting protection against wear and tear, offering peace of mind to both park operators and visitors alike.

Water parks owners would always avoid any shutdowns for renovations or maintenance because that would bare direct and indirect cost, especially if these renovations or make overs are to be carried out during the high season. Hence, it will be always a high interest to do it once and do it right from the beginning to avoid such shut downs and keep running maintenance free.

27. June 2024

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